Dealing with Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD’s)

A temporomandibular disorder causes pain or tenderness in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) of the jaw. The TMJ, a complex joint enabling chewing, swallowing, yawning, and speaking, works with surrounding muscles and ligaments, providing a wide range of movement. TMDs can inflict severe pain on some individuals, affecting approximately 33% of people over their lifetime.

Tooth pain or jaw pain - we offer tmj treatment to the hadlock area

Tooth pain or jaw pain – we provide TMJ treatment in the Hadlock area.
Injury or arthritis often trigger TMDs, sometimes in combination. It has been observed that clenching or grinding teeth can worsen joint pain. Additionally, a link exists between stress and TMD, although it remains unclear whether stress causes joint pain or if joint pain leads to stress. Severe TMJ pain can significantly impact one’s life.

A medical professional must diagnose the specific type of TMD afflicting you due to the broad spectrum of disorders.

Regrettably, treatment options for those with TMD are limited. Some patients may find relief through massage therapy, acupuncture, or physical therapy. As dental professionals, we recommend a thorough examination to assess if a custom night guard could alleviate clenching and grinding discomfort.

Many individuals are conscious of their clenching or grinding habits; your dentist will examine your teeth for signs such as tooth structure wear. History of headaches, migraines, or muscle discomfort can also indicate underlying issues. Starting with a night guard often proves beneficial in seeking relief.

We're you're Hadlock family dentist near the Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA area

We are your family dentist in Hadlock near the Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA area.
TMD discomfort may escalate with prolonged mouth opening; therefore, please inform us if you experience these symptoms.

We strive to accommodate your needs during appointments and are eager to discuss treatment options, potentially referring you to a specialist for further care. Please feel free to ask any questions without hesitation.


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