Time to Organize-KonMari Organization Method

The hit Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has put the spotlight on the KonMari organization method. This extremely popular show is entertaining, helpful and ULTRA inspiring. This month we want to share this revolutionary organization method with you!

This technique askes the simple question; does this spark joy? The Idea is to only keep items that bring joy and value to your life. By holding each item one by one you will have a greater sense of what you really need and what makes you happy. 

With the KonMari method you will organize your home by category. First you will start with clothes, then books, papers, and miscellaneous items. Lastly, you tackle sentimental items you have an emotional connection to. Whichever the category, you take every item that fits that category in your home, pile them all together so you can see everything at once, then pick up each item one by one, asking yourself does this spark joy?

This process does take time and dedication, but the benefits are overwhelmingly positive! After completing this process, you will have more space, more time, more money and a new joy for organizing. 

Check out the links below for help tips from Marie Kondo. Happy tidying!

Folding Basics:

10 helpful tips from Marie

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