Happy Spring! Our Favorite PNW Trails

April 13, 2018

East Beach                                                                Carbon Glacier Trail                                              Devils Punchbowl


Since the Springtime brings the first sites of good weather in the area our staff wanted to share some of our favorite locations to go walking/hiking in the Pacific Northwest. We hope to give you some inspiration on where to go explore next!

Justina- “So far my favorite hike has been on the Carbon Glacier Trail. This trail is located in Mount Rainier National Park. My cousin and I went on this hike last summer and the view of the mountain was amazing. We hiked into our campsite and hiked out in the morning. I get all of the ideas and trail information on The Hiking Project app which is a very good resource for anyone that has an interest in hiking.”

Melanie- “My favorite hiking is on my property. My dog and I take long walks all over the woods every morning. With it getting lighter out, the background of the Olympic Mountains is gorgeous!”

Brook- “I’ve recently moved to a home in Discovery Bay on 14 acres right on a creek. I really enjoy walking around the property with my three dogs and soon to be husband. We are always coming up with ideas to fix up the house/property!”

Alicia- “I love Mt. Zion on a clear day! Spectacular views from the top!”

Dr. Gile- “My favorite spot has been the Spruce Railroad Trail along Lake Crescent. My wife Alana, our two kids Elliot and Genevieve, and I love to look into the clear water below the little bridge at the Devil’s Punch Bowl. The kids like to drop rocks over the edge and wait for them to disappear into the blue depths. Sometimes when there is mist over the lake and the mountains are shrouded in clouds the place looks completely enchanted.”

Maria- “My favorite walking spot is East Beach on Marrowstone Island. I love finding awesome pieces of beach glass, enjoying the amazing view of the mountains, and the wonderful smell of the ocean air. Reminds me of great memories while growing up enjoying the beaches and ocean in Southeast Alaska.”

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